Monday, April 28, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Don't touch that dial!

My primary email address was suspiciously quiet today, prompting me to investigate with my host provider (since that email comes through my web site). I'm glad I checked, because I learned that my web site's domain name registration had expired. Since the site was created long ago by friends at a local church, their techie guys were listed as admins...not me. Somebody over there presumably got a strange email recently telling them to renew us, and now they have no clue who we are.

Thankfully we still have time to renew, and I'll get my email address working again. Better still, won't be taken over by evil aliens hawking unspiritual vices. So pray with me that this is resolved quickly and easily. In the meantime, should you need to reach me, you may use the email found here, in my profile.

It's free, so it will probably work forever.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Family Planning
Last week during a family dinner around the table, the boys began asking when Aunt Ashley was going to have her baby. They knew she was expecting a boy. This sparked an argument between them regarding what sort of younger sibling they wanted next. Riiiiigght....

Nate apparently enjoys Maggie, because he's rooting for another sister. Jack figures he doesn't have a baby brother yet, so he votes to get one. Daddy and I sit there mostly silent--after interjecting that this entire conversation could be moot--flicking amused glances at one another. The boys continued with great animation:

Nate: I want a sister.
Jack: No, a baby brother!
Nate: Sister!
Jack: Brother!
Nate: Girl!
Jack: No, a boy!
Nate: I want a baby girl!
Jack: Baby brother!

They paused for breath, and then I, not looking their direction so they don't see my smile, hear Nate say:

"OK, Jack, let's do it this way...

Rock, Paper, Scissors"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There and Back Again

Last night I arrived home to mostly asleep children at a fairly reasonable hour. I'd been away on a mission trip for six days--the most time I can remember leaving the kids. Airline excitement is not the sort of adventure I enjoy, so I was glad the drastic schedule changes caused last week by American's security checks were not continued this week. We arrived home on schedule.

The trip? Wow. I don't have time to post a full update (and you don't have that much time to read my blog), and all my thoughts are still a jumble anyway. I'll attempt a "debrief" soon so I don't forget... For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, just google "Lydia Center" and "Water Street Rescue Mission" to see where we went and the sorts of people we served. Check out Spark Ministry to learn about the ministry that organizes and hosts these trips to various women's shelters around the country.

More later!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

My the Comics

Weekly, it seems, I show my DH the Baby Blues comic and say, "Here we are again! How do you like seeing your life on display for the world?"

The one shown above, however, deserved to be cut out and mounted on my office wall. It's so amazingly accurate...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hospital Humor?
Some jokes last forever, even when they aren't funny anymore. Sometimes they'll be funny again, or occasionally make you laugh. I have the feeling that my latest situation has initiated several of those eternal ha-ha's. It's only been a week since my spinal surgery, and already I've heard the one-liners:
You're all screwed up.
Maybe she's got a screw loose.
What a pain in the neck!
Go ahead, add your own...I'll add them to my collection :)
Surgery went well. My doctors were meticulous, my nurses were so kind and thorough, my friends and family extremely supportive through it all. I did have to stay overnight, which wasn't so bad, but I was glad to go home the next morning. The arm pain and thumb numbness were gone immediately, so now all I'm left to deal with is a sore throat, neck, and back. The c-collar, while definitely a nuisance, is becoming a new friend. I think I'm used to how it feels now. Not to say I won't be glad when I can leave it behind...
Part of my post-op care instructions included a popsicle every four hours, to ease my sore throat and reduce swelling. That, combined with the jello and cobbler that made up most of my first day's diet, had us all laughing that my kids would have been so jealous! We bought a box of popsicles on our way home...for all of us.
Another post-op instruction: no driving for two weeks. So far, no problem. My mom has been here to help carpool and shop as needed. I'm sure we can work around the next few days after she returns home. But I am getting just enough cabin fever now to consider showing my neck-braced self in public, just because I can!
I'll just think about that a little longer...and no, I won't be posting any show-and-tell illustrations :).