Family Planning
Last week during a family dinner around the table, the boys began asking when Aunt Ashley was going to have her baby. They knew she was expecting a boy. This sparked an argument between them regarding what sort of younger sibling they wanted next. Riiiiigght....

Nate apparently enjoys Maggie, because he's rooting for another sister. Jack figures he doesn't have a baby brother yet, so he votes to get one. Daddy and I sit there mostly silent--after interjecting that this entire conversation could be moot--flicking amused glances at one another. The boys continued with great animation:

Nate: I want a sister.
Jack: No, a baby brother!
Nate: Sister!
Jack: Brother!
Nate: Girl!
Jack: No, a boy!
Nate: I want a baby girl!
Jack: Baby brother!

They paused for breath, and then I, not looking their direction so they don't see my smile, hear Nate say:

"OK, Jack, let's do it this way...

Rock, Paper, Scissors"


Erin said…
Hahaha! That is hysterical!

Are you and John going to use the same tactic when you try to decide if you'll expand your family again?