Tooth Fairy Economics

Hey you moms out there! Check out this article on the common conundrum of how much the Tooth Fairy is giving kids these days. Parents--and yes, I could have been interviewed for this--can't seem to figure out the going rate. You'll love some of the creative decision-making processes different moms and dads go through. My favorite: the dad and step-dad who decided together, so one wouldn't make the other look bad, to price each tooth according to size! LOL!

So how does your child's rate of return compare to your own when you were losing your baby teeth?

I remember quarters for "important" ones like molars, and dimes for others. If I got 75 cents total for any one tooth, I was a happy girl that day. My son: $5 (from Grandma!) for the first one--she set the bar high--and between 75 cents and a buck for others since. He thinks he's getting ripped off if it's less than $1. Kids these days...


Erin said…
The Cheapskate Family sees a quarter for every tooth, regardless.

The Cheapskate Family is just trying to make sure they REMEMBER to leave a quarter, much less quibble about first tooth, second tooth, molar, incisor or wisdom tooth.

Not that I know the identity of The Cheapskate Family or anything.