Hospital Humor?
Some jokes last forever, even when they aren't funny anymore. Sometimes they'll be funny again, or occasionally make you laugh. I have the feeling that my latest situation has initiated several of those eternal ha-ha's. It's only been a week since my spinal surgery, and already I've heard the one-liners:
You're all screwed up.
Maybe she's got a screw loose.
What a pain in the neck!
Go ahead, add your own...I'll add them to my collection :)
Surgery went well. My doctors were meticulous, my nurses were so kind and thorough, my friends and family extremely supportive through it all. I did have to stay overnight, which wasn't so bad, but I was glad to go home the next morning. The arm pain and thumb numbness were gone immediately, so now all I'm left to deal with is a sore throat, neck, and back. The c-collar, while definitely a nuisance, is becoming a new friend. I think I'm used to how it feels now. Not to say I won't be glad when I can leave it behind...
Part of my post-op care instructions included a popsicle every four hours, to ease my sore throat and reduce swelling. That, combined with the jello and cobbler that made up most of my first day's diet, had us all laughing that my kids would have been so jealous! We bought a box of popsicles on our way home...for all of us.
Another post-op instruction: no driving for two weeks. So far, no problem. My mom has been here to help carpool and shop as needed. I'm sure we can work around the next few days after she returns home. But I am getting just enough cabin fever now to consider showing my neck-braced self in public, just because I can!
I'll just think about that a little longer...and no, I won't be posting any show-and-tell illustrations :).


Erin said…
Turtleneck collars are very chic this spring, I hear.

Glad it's all going according to plan.