Monday, September 29, 2008

Football Trivia

From the AP article posted this morning:

"Oklahoma is No. 1 for the 96th time in the history of the AP poll, breaking a tie with Notre Dame for the most ever. The last time the Sooners were No. 1 was 2003, when they were atop the polls all season before losing the Big 12 title game to Kansas State."

Was that the same year OU lost the national championship game to...LSU? Hmmm. Regardless, I know one Scrawny pastor who is smiling today...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adventures in Mothering

That's the theme for MOPS this year. Next week I'll be attending the national convention--it helps that it's local this year, in the DFW area. Should be a fun time. I'll post an update when I return home.

Last night I had my own adventure in mothering. I want to know if anyone else has experienced this. Why, in 8 years and with 3 kids, have none of my children gotten sick during daylight hours? Do stomach bugs only hit at midnight or 2 am???


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Politics, Anyone?

So I'm a not-so-secret political junkie. This started during the 2000 campaign when our Governor (Bush) was first running for prez. I found a daily update on one of the mainstream news sites that pointed readers to pertinent articles and stories that would drive the political news that day. After a few weeks of checking it every day, I realized I could subscribe to it--and they would notify me when the update was ready! I was hooked.

Even after the race (and vote recounting) was over, they realized they'd created, a monster. This political "note" continued regularly until the 2004 election, which started sometime in 2002, so the writers didn't have much time to rest. And since the 2008 election started January 21, 2004, it's been a daily grind since.

I don't read it every day. Well, I didn't until the conventions last month. (Yes, I watched every night of both conventions.) I was amused and impressed when Biden was chosen to shore up Obama's thin resume on foreign affairs. Biden is always good for a laugh with his outspoken, off-talking-points slip ups, but he's also an experienced legislator with credibility. I like that he's a real person even with reporters hanging around.

A week after Biden came aboard, the new science of "Palintology" exploded nationwide. What an electrifying choice for McCain to make. The mainstream media has taken a big hit on their coverage of Sarah Palin since she was introduced to America at large. The bloggers have been brutal in their reviews--Charles Gibson was hammered by 80% of those who commented on his interview with Palin.

During the Republican convention I began surfing numerous other news sites for a variety of viewpoints (no need for that during the DNC). I dug up one such site dedicated to the evangelical perspective on the race for the White House. Christianity Today, "a magazine of evangelical conviction," started a daily blog during the RNC. It has been well received by non-religious news sites as a respectable source of religious perspective on the race.

It's on my list of must-reads this fall. But I've got room for more, if anyone has a suggestion. What sites/blogs are you reading to keep you in touch with the political world?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mixed Ministry Featured on Life Today

Yesterday, Sept. 8, my coauthor Sue Edwards's TV interview with James and Betty Robison was broadcast on Life Today. Thanks to the web, that video can be seen online anytime!

Click here and scroll down to the September 8 line where you'll see Sue's name, the topic "Taming your appetites versus deliverance," and options for download. You can watch it using flash or quicktime, or download it to your mp3 player.

Sue speaks to the Robisons about sins and temptations that dog us, such as sexual issues, which we address in our book Mixed Ministry. She speaks eloquently about the power the Spirit gives us to withstand such temptations, but that they usually are not taken away completely. The Lord continues to strengthen us to "tame" these sins instead of "delivering" us from them outright--hence causing us to depend on Him daily.

Take a look for yourself. She did a great job!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hometown Destruction

While Gustav skimmed by New Orleans, the deep bayous of Louisiana flooded out, and capital city Baton Rouge took the brunt of the high winds. Designated the staging center for relief efforts, it reversed identities from aid workers to aid recipients.

My family so far has come out with minimal damage--tree limbs, debris, battered roofs, broken fences--but fellow victims of city-wide power outages. They hope the clouds keep the extreme heat to a minimum, but I don't envy them the humidity.

I found a photo montage of scenes from around Baton Rouge after the storm. Sort of disconcerting to see familiar places looking so ravaged. Pray for continued safety of residents, electricians, aid workers and the National Guard.