Mixed Ministry Featured on Life Today

Yesterday, Sept. 8, my coauthor Sue Edwards's TV interview with James and Betty Robison was broadcast on Life Today. Thanks to the web, that video can be seen online anytime!

Click here and scroll down to the September 8 line where you'll see Sue's name, the topic "Taming your appetites versus deliverance," and options for download. You can watch it using flash or quicktime, or download it to your mp3 player.

Sue speaks to the Robisons about sins and temptations that dog us, such as sexual issues, which we address in our book Mixed Ministry. She speaks eloquently about the power the Spirit gives us to withstand such temptations, but that they usually are not taken away completely. The Lord continues to strengthen us to "tame" these sins instead of "delivering" us from them outright--hence causing us to depend on Him daily.

Take a look for yourself. She did a great job!