Football Trivia

From the AP article posted this morning:

"Oklahoma is No. 1 for the 96th time in the history of the AP poll, breaking a tie with Notre Dame for the most ever. The last time the Sooners were No. 1 was 2003, when they were atop the polls all season before losing the Big 12 title game to Kansas State."

Was that the same year OU lost the national championship game to...LSU? Hmmm. Regardless, I know one Scrawny pastor who is smiling today...


Lance said…
Oooooh. That stings.

Hey, I'm just happy that Notre Dame has been booted from the top spot (and that we did it).

It will be a looooong time 'til we see them back (unless Saban goes there).

It took us four years to recover from the debacle in the Orange Bowl vs. USC. The Sugar Bowl in Cajun-land a year prior, certainly didn't help.

Anxiously awaiting LSU-Bama.