Weekly Winnings April 7, 2017

We are creeping up on Holy Week, a time to reflect on the immense love that the Father has for us, his children, as seen in the sacrificial death of his Son, Jesus, on our behalf. A quick look at the news reveals the immense need the world has for such love and redemption. I've seen snippets of both sides: pain and rejoicing, death and life. Here's the best of what's come across my screen this week.

International Horror

Images and video from Syria horrified the world earlier this week, leaving international leaders generally in agreement that Assad must answer the allegations of chemical warfare against the rebels in his country. Victims included children, provoking two primary reactions: reprisal and relief

"The Firm"'s Impressive Plans:

Further feeding my lifelong fascination with the British royals, this long-form article (8000 words—that's half of a novella) about the extraordinary plans for will happen after the almost-91-year-old Queen Elizabeth II eventually dies: 'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death.

National conversations:

Much has been made over Vice President Mike Pence's self-imposed rule of not eating solitary meals with women other than his wife. In Evangelical circles, this is also known as the Billy Graham Rule. With one side defending him and the other side deriding him, Karen Swallow Prior penned this balanced and nuanced response.

The long-time, and much-injured, quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo, announced his retirement from football this week. He will step into the CBS booth to call NFL games starting in the fall. The Cowboys organization fondly acknowledged his record-setting career with this tribute.

In his first start as a minor-leaguer for the NY Mets, Heisman winner and former NFL player Tim Tebow launched a two-run homer. He makes news without even trying.

Links you should know about:

Axios  — The best-informed political team inside Washington pushes out a daily newsletter before most people are awake, and their Twitter account is scary fast with news from the political front. Forget CNN or ABCNews ... Axios will have it first, and with better sources.  

Thanks to outsourcing on Facebook, writer Dena Dyer gathered up several perspectives on how to fight envy. She was kind enough to use one of my comments in her article for Aleteia.

Feelgood of the Week:

April the what? Weary watchers of a certain mama-to-be mammal should turn their attention to the Iowa skies. The eagle has landed! Well, the eaglets have hatched. The Decorah Eagles, supported by the Raptor Resource Project, have been on 24-hour live cam since mom and dad produced three eggs in February. All three hatched last weekend, and viewers can watch the little darlings grow up until they fledge in June.


James Cordon does Beauty and the Beast in traffic ... and in drag.  With cast members from the new movie, he delights and confuses drivers at a stop light by performing musical numbers from the show. Hysterical.

And don't miss this clever Twitter parody account—the president is such an easy target.