Winners of the Week

"I gotta write that down," I told myself. Since I was driving to work at that moment, the best I could do was speak it into my phone and save it for later. But it started my mental wheels turning: I read and observe so many interesting stories, events, and people during any given week. Why not find a way to record the best of them so I don't forget all the amazing, funny, and poignant things I come across? And perhaps my friends would find some of them interesting as well.

Or maybe they'll think "why does she share these kinds of things?"—something all of you have likely wondered at some point. But that's ok, I can take it. Feel free to skip over the odd-funny or only-Kelley-would-be-interested-in-that item. Check out the links that pique your curiosity or make you smile. And enjoy!

FREE Online resource:
In my work as a website editor for the Denison Forum, we use a LOT of pictures every day. Our creative team introduced me to a site with free images that go way beyond the boring stock photos we often find. The enticing caramel macchiato (why not, right? It's often in my thoughts) in the top photo came from Pexels. No cost, no limitations on use. And it's got some really great quality images.

Friends being awesome:

And they are amazing thinkers, writers, theologians. Recently, Dr. Sandra Glahn has been busy! First, she led a panel of contributing authors in discussing Vindicating the Vixens, an upcoming book in which a diverse team of sixteen male and female theologians partnered to take a second look at vilified and marginalized women in the Bible. The church has often viewed women’s stories through sexist eyes, resulting in a range of distortions. Mary Magdelene: harlot or apostle? Tamar: prostitute or righteous believer? I can't wait to read the whole thing.

Dr. Glahn also appeared on The Table, a regular videocast led by Dr. Darrell Bock. This panel, in which they are joined by other women professors—including my co-author, Dr. Sue Edwards— tackles the role of women in ministry (not a hot topic or anything) and how women and men can work together as partners in ministry.

Beauty Alert:

Scroll through this divine collection of the 2017 Sony World Photography Award. You'll come away more in awe of the Creator.

Word Nerd Alert:

Editors like myself adhere to one of several style manuals: AP, APA, Chicago (CMOS) being the major ones. This week, CMOS announced the forthcoming 17th edition (September) would include a few notable updates:
  • E-mail will become email (no hyphen). 
  • Internet will become internet (lowercased). 
  • The use of ibid. for repeated citations will no longer be preferred. 
  • The use of singular they in place of a generic he or she is not recommended for formal prose... 
And this is important, why? Because the AP announced that they are "opening the door" to the use of "they" as a singular pronoun. Say what?? 

Funny of the week: 

This bumper sticker, observed on a different minivan on my way to work. It reminded me of a speaker who, at a marriage conference, told his I'll-never-drive-a-minivan story in which he became the "Goobervan Dad." Been there, done that!