Words That Changed My World—a Guest Post

So, are you shocked to see another post so soon? Me, too. But this is just a tease. My writing friend Bronwyn Lea, who humors me when I ask to hear her lovely South African accent, invited me to guest post for her series, Words That Changed My World. I had been mulling over two options for several weeks, until recent events made clear which one to write about. Here's a sneak peek— be sure to click through for the full post.

Last week

Last week my family was touched by three significant events, all involving death of some kind. First, our elderly dog passed away in his sleep. (Do not discount the copious tears that I, more than any other in the family, shed. I had no idea I would be so heartbroken. See here for that story.)

A few days later, in his role as a chaplain for the Texas State Guard, my husband performed the funeral for the son of one of his guardsmen. The 13-year-old had accidentally overdosed himself.

The next evening, my Facebook feed blew up with the news that Christy, one of my childhood friends, had passed away in her sleep the night before. Our age. Unexplained. 

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