Our Summer

I have woefully neglected this blog, thanks to my job at FaithVillage. A significant part of my daily work there involves reading many other people's blogs, so I'm well entertained, challenged, provoked and otherwise on a regular basis. But it leaves little time for actual writing on my part. I've felt the lack of it all summer but have not been able to find time to write. I guess I'll have to MAKE time instead.

A little rundown of how our summer has gone: In June we hired a friend's high-school daughter to come babysit for two weeks. That worked out wonderfully. Then my hubby was off for his usual summer break, this time five weeks instead of four (thanks to a weird school calendar that also gives the kids a full 12-week summer--2 more than usual). He used his first week to paint the garage, his second week to run errands and take the kids to some fun places, and then we left for vacation.

Playing at the park in June
We joined our friends the Godseys once again at a beach house in Edisto Island, SC, where we stayed last summer. With a total of 13 people, it's always an adventure with plenty of energy and fun and food.  I will share photos of that week some other time and place. The "adventure" was not what I'd hoped, as the night we drove out of Dallas (Thursday) to start the vacation, our 8yo was diagnosed with pneumonia. Here's how it all worked out:

Th: 8yo pneumonia (with requisite chest xray, shot and antibiotics)
Sun: arrive at beach
Tues: 2yo fever/cough -- drive 1.5 hours to "local" clinic, diagnosis "touch of" pneumonia
Wed: 2yo rebounding well with meds, feeling better. Mom starts irritating but harmless coughing
Th: Take 8yo to "local" clinic (it was on the next island over), still has pneumonia, now has different meds & new xray
Sat: leave beach, head to friends' cabin, inland SC, in the woods, basically. Think 4-wheelers, BB guns, pool, etc.
Sun: Mommy--that's me--flies home because hey, I've got a job. Grrrr. (I will say that, despite the illnesses, the beach time was truly relaxing, fun, and beautiful!)
Tues: I paint the half-bath b/c I'm bored in an empty house and it seemed like the perfect time.
Wed: I'm feeling miserable with my lingering, worsening cough. (Remember, home alone, family still vacationing!)
Th: Doctor diagnoses me with bronchitis, gives me a shot and meds
Sat: the family arrives home. Everyone is feeling better and happy to be reunited.

By now, it's only July 14. Daddy has one more week of vacation. Do I remember what he did that week? No. Pretty sure he took the kids to a movie. And I do remember that we all went to see Brave on the weekend so that I could go with them. That was a fun flick!

The final week of July, Daddy headed back to the office to start preparing for the upcoming school year. We had a former neighbor's teen daughter, whom my kids always enjoyed playing with, come babysit for the week. It was uneventful, which is always a good thing!

That catches us all up until August. And lemme tell ya, August has been plenty full already, and it's only the 7th. Since I have to get to work now, I'll write that up later (hopefully not much later).

Thanks for reading! :)