The Publisher's Weekly Tip Sheet sent out their weekly update today with a clever piece titled Gatsby Dies: A Big List of Literary Spoilers. It's basically a list of one-liners that give away the conclusions of dozens of classical books most high school and college students are required to read. The fun part is that the books are not identified with their "spoilers."

Some are obvious, obviously: "Gatsby Dies." 
Some are pretty easy: "Elizabeth marries Darcy"or "Boo comes to the rescue." 
But some are pretty obscure, depending on how classical your education is/was. 

 "The monster burns itself and disappears into the darkness."
  "A dead dog is thrown into the ravine after the Consul."
  "The assistant reaches for the 'crank file.'”

Maybe it's just me, having not read a bunch of classics in the last 18 years. I knew about 9 out of the entire list, with a few guesses on others and complete blanks on the rest. If anyone else has better luck, I'd love to know!