Unseasonal Spring Celebration

Bring on Spring Break!

To kick start a week off school, my hubby hauled out the fire pit and scavenged the neighborhood housing developments for scrap wood while I called the neighborhood together for a good old s'mores cookout. My cell phone was the best I could do for a camera.

 Everyone brings out their lawn/camping chairs. Some children lean into their parents as they study the fire from safety. Others are already earning their "pyro" nickname!

 Spring? With a fire? Why yes, it is Texas, after all, where we wore shorts and tees during most of February but were forced back into our sweats and jackets as March blew in. High in the 40s that day.

We pulled in six families total this time. Everyone loves when we get the fire pit going. Chances are good it'll be next fall before it's cold enough for another one.