10 Mistakes Good Moms Make

Got kids? Well, really, do you have young kids, the kind that qualify you for MOPS membership? If so, you'll want to take a look at this new resource written just for you... written by one of you.

Amy Baggett has been tempted to answer the question "What do you do for a living?" with "forgetting things at the grocery store." A wife and mother (obviously), she survived that stage of parenting with enough aplomb to consider sharing the wisdom gleaned from experience. A former MOPS group leader, she now speaks to local MOPS groups, serves her PTA as the Parent Education Coordinator, and works as her church librarian.

In addition to her speaking gigs, she found the time to collect her own Top 10 Things-I-learned-while-mothering list. She might make a few more lists, because this one is titled Ten Mistakes Good Moms Make: Preschool Edition. She's talking about her kids' ages, not her skill level.

Full of practical wisdom, this little self-published gem applies biblical principles to the often-harried life of a mother with young children. She has been there. She understands. She shares stories of her own mistakes, making the book personable and non-threatening. Each chapter focuses on one issue, such as "The Dog Trainer" (child discipline), with sub-categories of "Be Intentional," "Be Wise," "Be Joyful."

Endorsed by Brenna Stull, author of Coach Mom, Baggett's little book of wisdom would be a great addition to any mother's arsenal of encouragement and wisdom.You can pick it up on Amazon.com for less than $6, or you can leave a comment on this blog for a chance at a free copy. I'll pick a winner on January 31.