LSU-Oregon Experience

  Just being in Jerryworld The Death Star Cowboys Stadium is an experience unto itself. And I didn't even wander through a fourth of it. But my little section was fairly spectacular. I knew my Aunt Eileen was going to be there, but we never knew where her seats were. Before the game even began, I looked up to the balcony above my section and laid eyes on my uncle, who was standing in full view. Soon enough we were all waving madly at each other. Crazy how close we were considering how immense the stadium is.
 And we had fabulous seats. Close enough to feel very much a part of the game, but not so close to field level that plays on the other side of the field were impossible to see. Of course, anything was visible from the jumbo-tron above. 
Then the players started coming out for warmups. The crowd practiced their potential volume. Lots of good-natured taunting between the Tigers and Ducks fans. Soon enough the captains met in the center for the coin toss. Tigers win the toss, and we defer. The players disappear into the locker rooms, and the field clears.

 And then The Golden Band from Tigerland takes the field to rouse the home crowd into a frenzy. And since LSU is slightly closer geographically to Dallas than is Oregon, you could say our fans had duck for dinner were in the majority. And we sounded like it.

"Baaaah-ba-ba-BA!" or something like that, goes the opening notes of the band's pre-game routine. Every. single. game. It's literally music to the Tiger fan's ears. Especially here, where we weren't truly in Death Valley (just the Death Star--ha!).

And then there was kick-off, and a lame first quarter where both teams wondered who was going to finally show up. But special teams made the difference, and the second half saw the Tigers pull away to a comfortable lead, making all us Tiger fans happy to line Jerry's pockets buy drinks, food, and more drinks. And that's about when my phone battery conked out, which is why I have no pictures of the touchdowns and ensuing celebrations.

I heard one news report after the game incredulous at the amount of trash after the game, both in and around the stadium. Tailgating gone wild? I wouldn't doubt it. A 40-27 victory against the #3 ranked team is definitely a reason to celebrate.

 I owe my fabulous day in purple and gold to my college buddy Travis Terral, who found a way to get four tickets and treated his son, me and another friend to the game (and, I might add, to a killer lunch at The Keg Steakhouse).Thanks, Trav! (And thanks, Hubby, for giving me an awesome day off work :)).