Women of Faith Recap

Fun weekend. Lots of highlights to share, but those will wait for another post. This blog is dedicated to the uniqueness of a conference made for women only.

Top 10 Things We Observed at Women of Faith That You'll Never See at a Men's Conference:

1.   Color coordinated lighting and stage decor.
2.   Converted bathrooms.
3.   Colorful group t-shirts proclaiming church or group affiliation.
4.   Mugging for the camera as it pans the audience during breaks.
5.   Random squeals in the audience.
6.   Mentioning menstrual cramps, childbirth and high heels (is there a male equivalent to such topics?).
7.   Sparkly red "Dorothy" shoes, combat boots, and a speaker doing the splits, all on stage.
8.   The camera singling out the rare (and unaware) person of the opposite sex, then encircling his mug shot with a heart and the word "Single!" on screen. Funny at a women's conference, creepy at a men's.
9.   The need for copious amounts of kleenex.
10.  Jewelry and tote bags for sale on the merchandise table.