Published...for the First Time

Not me, obviously. But yesterday's book review of The Last Martin, a YA novel by Jonathan Friesen, marked my son Nate's debut as a published writer. He starts off like I did, as part of a team. We worked separately, then together, to write this review for Crosswalk. He's not exactly an aspiring writer--says it's too hard and he'd rather just read--but he worked hard to contribute his perspective on this fun book.

His teacher showed the article to his class yesterday, on their big screen, then let him get up and teach them about the process he went through. She was so tickled for him, and his classmates thought it was really "cool."

He might be persuaded to do this more often if I keep promising to share the proceeds with him...

Whatever it takes!


Amanda said…
Yay Nate! I know you are one proud mommy!!!