Finches Nesting in my Wreath

We have birds. A mama and a daddy bird, cute little finches that trill and tweet and chirp. They especially like to chatter at us when we walk through or play in the front yard. The mama will zoom past us from the front porch, where she has built a nest in my Mardi Gras wreath. Together, she and the red-breasted daddy will perch on a neighbor's roof or tree and scold us until we move away from the porch area. Eventually she will attempt to sneak back "home" to continue incubating her babies.

In my research, I discovered that house finches are very common to populated areas in the U.S. They like people, probably for the food, water, and shelter they provide. The eggs will incubate for 12-14 days. In our case, day one was Monday, March 6. Assuming all goes well, the babies should hatch sometime between March 18 and 20th. After that, it takes another 16-17 days before the birdies are ready to fly the coop.

So, that's about a month of bird watching, learning about God's creatures through direct observation, shooing curious kids away from the wreath...and using our garage to enter the house.