Birthdays and Snow Days

In an unusual turn of events, my birthday dinner last Monday is still the last event I have attended since then, outside the confines of my house, because it was the warmest night of the week. Overnight that evening, the freezing rain and sleet fell, coating our fine metroplex and its surrounding areas with an inch or more of ice. Temperatures plunged into the teens, going as low as 8 degrees one night, and the ice soon resembled a rude, mooching guest who has overstayed her welcome.

Schools were closed Tuesday, then Wednesday. Then Thursday. Just when we thought we might get a break, six inches of snow got dumped on the area. There goes the week. And I was never more thankful for my husband's employment at the local public school. He was stuck home with us, too!

My kids entertain themselves pretty well these days--only the baby requires me to really pay attention. And having five friends between the 2 neighbors' families helped break up the monotony enhance the adventure of repeatedly hearing "no school tomorrow." Several friends on Facebook alluded to feeling like a character in the movie Groundhog Day. Which was funny, since February 2 was right there in the middle of Iceapalooza.

This morning the sun came out for the first time in a week. The glare off the fields and yards of white fluff was blinding and beautiful. Just seeing blue skies lifted everyone's spirits. Much of the snow has melted, leaving a mess of slush and mud. But I finally got out of the house today and took the dog for a walk through the neighborhood, entertaining the neighbors with my graceless slips & falls enjoying the scenery and peaceful atmosphere. My daughter accompanied us, grossing me out scooping snow and munching as she went.

Today is also the day we were planning to celebrate all the birthdays in the house. Two of my boys have birthdays very close together, and the baby's big first birthday is today. Stupid weather We postponed the joint family party due to hazardous road conditions, but I did cook beignets this morning to help everyone start off right. It was a hit with the birthday boy, and just about everyone else.

Later I baked cupcakes, which we will serve tonight after dinner. I hope to capture the iconic smash-chocolate-face moment on film when he eats his first cupcake. Is it too cold to take his clothes off??