Searching for Answers

The caller ID said "New Orleans," unusual at my home. The reporter--that too was unusual--wanted to make sure I was the right Kelley Mathews, the one who had been a women's ministry director. He wondered if I'd comment for his article on the upcoming Right to Life Sunday (Jan. 23). Surprised, I said yes but could he call me the next day since I was running out the door to carpool. Such is my life. So he emailed me his phone number and a few questions to answer.

How the heck did he find me? Was it one of my books? A friend from Louisiana, or even a family member? My favorite guess was that he saw my web site.

But no, it wasn't anything so glamorous. He probably didn't even know I'd written anything. He was looking for women serving in ministry to comment on his article about the church's response to women who'd had abortions or who may be pregnant out of wedlock. Was the church a safe place for those women? How did the church help single mothers? Those sorts of rather loaded questions. Apparently not many church staff were willing to comment.

So he googled "former women's ministry director."

Was I the only name that popped up? I wonder...