If I were a scrapbooker, this weekend would have its own double-page spread. For the first time in 17 years, I was able to attend a home football game at my alma mater, watching my beloved #10 LSU Fighting Tigers play a crucial SEC matchup against #6 Alabama.  

The lion's share of credit goes to my old college friend Travis, who won 2 pairs of tickets and donated one pair to me. Then he also drove down from his home in Oklahoma, picked me up Friday (properly chaperoned by another of his friends and my 9-month-old son), and drove us all down there (and home again on Sunday). Thanks also goes to my friend Amy who babysat the baby during the game, and to my tolerant husband for giving me an entire weekend to satisfy my crazy football habit.

Mom and I had a fabulous time watching the Tigers not only "show up," but systematically beat the Tide on all fronts. Our seats were fantastic, on the 35 yard line, halfway up, and most of our neighbors in the seats around us were very nice. But to the guy sitting in front of us, I wished I'd had an Alabama jersey to hand to him--you'd have never known from his whining and complaining about the coach and team that he was actually rooting for LSU. Made me crazy to listen to him. Thankfully the score and some big plays quieted his sarcasm.

Never have I made such a quick trip in and out of Baton Rouge before. It would have been even faster had Travis's little 4-seat Cessna been available as planned, but I think Mom, hubby, and other friends were slightly relieved that happened.

Final score: 24-21 LSU wins. Now ranked #5. But it was a #1 experience for me!