More Good Books

I've been steadily working my way through at least one book a week lately, writing reviews for Take a look at the latest:

 Blood Ransom by Lisa Harris

Heading Home by Renee Riva

The Homecoming by Dan Walsh


Dianne said…
I love books!! I was raised by parents who loved books, and they instilled this in me. I've worked hard to instill it in our kids and grand kids.
Have you read any of Francine Rivers books? They are really good. She is a fantastic author. Redeeming Love was the first one of her's I read, and I could hardly put it down.
Kelley said…
Thanks for stopping by the blog, Dianne. Yes, I love books, too...or obviously I wouldn't have accepted the offer to be a book reviewer :). Yes, I've read Redeeming Love, and enjoyed it, especially knowing it is a parable of Hosea and was Rivers's offering to God after her conversion. But I LOVE her Mark of the Lion series! Must have read those at least 5 times each. A wonderful saga.