Stay-cation, Part 2

Friday was an adventure unto itself. It began slowly--just another day at the pool. The dads were anticipating their GNO (guys night out) that evening--a Texas Hold'em card party at a local pub down in Richardson. We all enjoyed the Irish cream cheesecake that John made for his own birthday cake. That flavor is Courtney's favorite, so it is a must when she's in town. The clouds came back and we spent the afternoon indoors. When the dads finally left around 4pm--a little early so they could eat dinner out--the moms packed up the kids in their van and our suburban, and headed out to the pub.

We were not invited to the card party. We were beating the guys there in order to throw John a surprise party for his big birthday. His mom, sister, nephew, all of us, plus the guys coming for the card game were all there with a cake and presents and worked. He had no idea. See pictures to get an idea of how it went. Very fun. We did have to drive through a mini-monsoon to get there, so we waited for the rain to abate somewhat before leaving the guys to their cards and cigars (blech).

When I started up the suburban, it chugged alarmingly as the engine fired up. Check engine light lit. Not good. Our home was a good 28 miles away. With Courtney on the cell phone with me, from her van in the parking lot, I drove slowly around the lot to test out the engine's responsiveness. Not good. But we didn't want to ruin the guys' game, and the truck did go, if slowly. So we set out on the service road of Hwy 75. Within a mile it became apparent that I wasn't going to make it home. I coasted into a DART Park'n'Ride lot under the turnpike, while Courtney called her AAA service. Did you know that AAA will cover the towing of the car you are with, even if it's not your own?!

Thankfully the rains were light and the evening cool, since we sat for almost an hour with 8 kids and 2 moms in an empty lot under one and next to another highway. We did call the guys, since it had to do with cars and all, but the tow truck came in a very reasonable time and took us home. The kids were awesome during the wait (only one bathroom emergency). And best of all, the 25 mile tow was FREE!!! Praise the Lord...

With dire thoughts that it was the alternator, we were thrilled to learn the next morning that only the battery was dead. That, we can handle. Still hoping the new battery isn't masking a weak/dying alternator, but so far it's fine.

Saturday morning John had a breakfast meeting. The kids played more computer games, and I think we went to the pool later. It's already getting fuzzy after less than a week! (I do remember sweeping and mopping the kitchen and doing lots of laundry.) But the highlight of that day was later--the second GNO, this time "Girls' Night Out." And while it wasn't raining anymore, the cumulative effect of the wet week resulted in some forced flexibility. Courtney and I had planned to attend a Collegiate League baseball game--just the two of us. Yes, we girls are bigger sports fans than our guys. But when we learned it was canceled, we came up with plan B.

Part one: Dinner out--PF Changs. Yum! Had never been there before. The lettuce wraps are all they are cracked up to be. Speaking of cracking up, look at the fortune I found in my cookie...we laughed hysterically.

Part two: Book stores--two of them! Using gift cards and coupons, we loaded up on some fiction favorites and found a couple for the kids, too.

Home by 9:30 to enjoy the second cheesecake of the week--lime--with the family. Why were the kids still up? we wanted to know...

Sunday we all made it to church, then took ourselves to Applebee's where kids ate free thanks to a 4th of July special. Later that day we trekked out to the boonies to join a large group from our church hosting a 4th Fest. Held in an immense pole barn, the party boasted burgers/hot dog dinner, a bounce house, volleyball, water balloon toss, horses and goats to pet, a hayride, cotton candy and popcorn. It was huge--a true Texas celebration. Fireworks topped it off. I blogged about that evening at the link to read more detailed thoughts on that event.

Monday morning, the moms took Jack to soccer camp, then treated ourselves to LaMadeleine's for breakfast. Crepes Romanoff. Mmmmm... A stop at Walmart and Office Depot for school supplies on sale (can you believe?), then back to get Jack and head home.

Us parentals escaped one more time for dinner out, taking only the baby with us, on Monday night. This time we landed at Churchill's, the English pub in downtown McKinney. Donny and I gladly ordered Black and Tans, the only beer I would even consider drinking. Thankfully it's too hard to find to have regularly. Courtney finally acquiesced to having a pear cider and was surprised that she actually liked it. The fish'n'chips were pretty awesome. The guys played darts, then we headed back home for an early night.

Tuesday we were up by 6 am, then waved the Godseys goodbye by 6:45. I crawled back to bed for another hour or so. We had big plans with Granny later that day--she was taking the kids to a movie--and I was going to lunch with a friend. Then Nate had golf that night...

The fun just doesn't end around here. :)

But, gosh, I'm tired!!!