Enthroned on High

The royal stairway

King Nate, doing what he loves best

Accepting tribute from Prince John the Third

Princess Margaret brings her gift, while beloved royal dog Clifford snuggles up.

Yes, this is what my children do when they have a few hours with no agenda. I have to admit, this sort of scene would NEVER have been seen (ha!) in my house when I was a child. But it sure is sweet now.


Danielle said…
Love this! Your children are going to be as creative as you are. :) I just swore mine off of TV for a good stretch so they would return to exactly this...using the imagination that God gave them!
Kelley said…
Thanks, Danielle. Yes, this is what happens when the wii/movies/computer are turned off. Strangely enough, they had not even asked me this afternoon if they could play on the electronics. They just started on this after art class. I'm glad they enjoy playing together with such vivid imaginations. It was too cute not to record!