Busy Weekend

While today is Tax Day for many people, I'm way past that and have spent my refund long since. But I do intend to stop by Starbucks for my free coffee later this morning on my way to physical therapy.

Tomorrow I'm headed to the Rock and Worship Roadshow with my friend Susie. VIP tickets, baby! We'll meet Mercy Me and hopefully Francesca Battistelli, maybe other performers too. We're hoping to get a large dose of energetic worship-through-music from this event. I'm leaving Gabe at home with my step-mom because the boys are going with their dad on a campout.

Saturday morning I'll have to drag myself out of bed, since I'm working at the MOPS Leadership Summit. Our church is hosting it for our region, so I'm helping lead one of the positional sessions. Hmm...probably ought to start thinking about what I'm going to say.

Sunday evening, my hubby is being ordained as a minister of the gospel. That's the official term for "call me Reverend..." ;)

I don't think I'll be using the title, but still, that's pretty cool! We scrambled this week to create, print, and mail invitations, and I do think they turned out really nice. The ordination comes as part of a larger process--God has been doing big things lately in our family. I'm so proud of John for taking this step. Greater things are yet to come!