Writing Elsewhere

Promise, I have been writing. Just not here at Geaux2girl. Sorry, for anyone who actually reads this. It's been a busy semester filled with a lot of kids' activities, book reading and reviewing, grading of papers, growing a baby inside, Bible study teaching, birthday parties...you get the idea. Somewhere in there I lost the blogging bug.

But just to prove I have been writing, here are a few links to my latest pieces:

Blog post at Stitches today.

Book reviews published this fall on The Fish: (this weekend) Michael Crichton's Pirate Latitudes, Anne Rice's Angel Time, Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta Factor, Nicholas Sparks' The Last Song.

Book reviews published this fall on Crosswalk.com's Book channel: (released today!) Mindy Starns Clark's Under the Cajun Moon, The Swiss Courier by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey, The Knight by Steven James.

Over at the Tapestry blog, I posted a couple of weeks ago about how Christmas and hormones make a potent combination. In November I reflected on healing and hope at Thanksgiving.

The greatest blessing of the last six months has been the consistent good reports from the doctor regarding this baby boy I'm so anxious to meet. We have a slew of sonogram pictures to chronicle his development, and he's lately been very active. This makes for free entertainment--the kids love watching my tummy jiggle and wiggle all on its own. They are very excited about "baby brother." Six weeks (or less) to go!

Last month we had photos taken...here are a few of the really great ones. I highly recommend Kym Jackson for anyone in the Dallas area looking for a professional photographer. She captured my kids' personalities (and good looks!) wonderfully.