The Holiday Craze Begins

It's the Friday before Thanksgiving--and judging by my schedule you might think it was Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. It's just crazy around here! Sending the kids off with a crockpot full of mashed potatoes (just like the ones my hubby brought to his staff lunch yesterday), then we're off to MOPS, which we must leave early in order to get to one son's school for Thanksgiving lunch. Time might permit a visit to the other son's school for his lunch. Then it's off to buy a birthday present for a friend, jump into the carpool line, and sometime around dinner drop one child off at a slumber party.


Who gave moms the "stay at home" title???

Anyway, Lord willing and the creek don't rise (it has been storming since 3a.m.) we should survive the chaos and collapse happily into our chairs tonight, looking forward to a week off work and school. And carpool.

In the meantime, my latest book release has just been posted on The Fish. If you like Patricia Cornwell's forensic mystery series, check out my perspective on the newest one, The Scarpetta Factor.

And coming soon--within a week or two, I'd guess--look for my review of Anne Rice's latest offering, Angel Time.