Discover your Political Leaning

The American political spectrum encompasses more than merely Democrat and Republican,
left and right. Most of us probably think we know what our political leanings are, but we often
limit ourselves to those two options.
Take this quiz--it's only 10 questions--to see where your views fit within the political landscape.
The quiz has received kudos from USA Today, the Washington Post, and various other publications.
It is used in classrooms around the country, according to its creators.

Have fun, and let me know what your results are--and if you agree with them.


My Kids' Mom said…
Libertarian - 100% economic and 70% personal. Though I think they didn't delve into the social issues that would've made me lean more conservative on the personal issues. Cool quiz, though! Glad you shared it. :)

Gotta go start my own militia now.