Vacation Fun

We just spent a week with our dear friends the Godseys, at their family cabin near Greenwood, SC. Our families have been close for over 12 years and are soon to equal that number, funny enough, when our fourth child is born in a few months. A lotta years, lotta kids :).

I posted bunches of photos on my facebook page so I won't repeat them all here. We spent the week swimming, picking vegies in the monstrous garden, riding 4-wheelers, shooting guns (at paper and live targets), napping, eating, swimming, playing in the fort and sand pile, watching movies, reading, and did I mention swimming?

The napping was done mostly by preggo me, still suffering from daily fatigue. The swimming was done mostly by the kids--all of them, even baby Naomi in her blow-up ring. The big boys (Dads included) did lots of 4-wheeling, the moms and dads practiced shooting and watched movies, the little guys defended the fort and camped overnight, everyone enjoyed fresh produce from the bountiful garden.

We have been making this trip to SC almost annually. Next year, they'll most likely be coming our way. I wish Anna, TX, were as fun as the cabin!