Summer is Here

I've been quiet on the blog mostly because things are hopping at the homefront. Last week my second-grader retired that phase of his life and began his summer sabbatical before tackling third grade. His younger brother now proclaims, quite often, that he will start Kindergarten in the fall. He's truly excited about the whole idea of starting school (Mom is excited to hear that). And little sister knows that she won't get left out of the fun because she'll be attending a local pre-school twice a week.

So yes, Mama here will have a whole 10 hours a week to experience life without children hanging around. What a concept! Still thinking through what projects and relationships are going to benefit from that :).

But for now, I live and breathe children, since all of them are home. All the time. We swim, we play computer games, we Wii :), we nap, we read, we swim, and we eat. Attempting to keep a routine of sorts so they don't overrun me with "i'm hungry" or "when can we....?" We'll see how it goes!

Daddy works abbreviated hours, in the sense that he's off on Fridays. We are hoping to make some Friday memories this summer. He's anticipating a week-long canoe trip in MN later this month, possibly a family vacation in July, and a birthday (ok, so he's not really anticipating that one, but it's coming).

I am hoping to travel abroad--should find out soon if that's a go. I'm also leading a Bible study at my home (can you say "clean house"??) with some friends from MOPS, going through Sandi Glahn's Premium Roast with Ruth. Lotta good stuff in that one. My mom will be coming to visit, probably during the hubby's canoe trip (backup). And we plan to go berry picking again, probably next week. Blackberries, anyone??

Flexibility is the game out here. Any friends who want to come hang out, just call! The guest room is open (unless Grandma has claimed it first). :)


MelissaStuff said…
Think it's funny people respond to your blog on FB . . . or did you post it there too?

I'm up for berry picking when they're ready. My boys will think that's great. And I LOVE blackberries and strawberries and raspberries, pretty much any berry.
Kelley said…
The blog automatically posts to FB a few hours after it is loaded here. Shows up as a note. So yeah, I laughed at the FB responses but at least I knew why. I'd rather see comments here!!

I'm thinking we should wait til after VBS since the berry farm newsletter said it's been a slow start and they expect berries thru July 12.