Berry Picking Day

My kids love to go berry picking. So do I. Last summer we went twice, and this morning was our first visit to Bailey's Berry Farm in Sadler, TX. The freeze of April 7 got most of their blueberries, but the blackberries are looking good!

Jack picks a beautiful one! Look how he's concentrating.

Nate is a fantastic picker. Don't you love the floppy hat? When he'd find a bush particularly full of ripe berries, he'd yell out to me, "Jackpot, Mom!"

Maggie helped Maw-Maw Marty fill her bucket.

About half-way there!

Teamwork! They had a great time.

The weather was gorgeous--very breezy so the sun didn't bother us a bit. I'm sure if we'd waited a few hours we'd have wilted quickly, but going early was perfect.

Maggie helps M-M Marty fill her bucket. Almost there!

Tired out! Glad our bucket is loaded.