Handcrafted crosses

My friend Susie Bibb created the cross seen above. Originally, she saw a similar-looking cross on my wall (a birthday gift from last year) and reproduced it within a week or so. She has since tweaked her design and made it her own, using antique marbles, varying the sizes, colors, and types of wire. She made a large one a couple of months ago and donated it to our MOPS group for a door prize at one of our meetings. The orders began trickling, and are now flowing, in so much that Susie set up a web site for her creations.

Visit www.endurancedesign.com to see a few other photos of the crosses and to learn about Susie's creative vision. Each cross is custom-made, handcrafted with much thought and creativity. Each comes with a label or tag that contains the following statement:

The vintage marbles in this cross may have cracks or chips. They are given ‘new life’ by the cross that holds them up. In the same way, we too are held up by the cross, made new by the suffering and resurrection of Jesus. This cross is a reminder of the beauty that God can produce from a ‘chipped’ and ‘cracked’ people.

Go, Susie!