MOPS Anytime

My MOPS group had gathered for a craft day, a "mom's night out" sort of thing. There were a bunch of us, and Julie was leading us in an artistic endeavor. Lots of painting and creativity involved. We were having a great time. Susie was peppering me with theological questions while we worked. She had to leave early to keep a prior commitment--some kind of service. Maybe some girls she was mentoring? Can't remember. But as we wrapped up our craft, she made it back for dinner with our Mentor Moms, who were glad to join us as we wrapped up the project. As we all walked a couple of blocks over to the deli, Shanaci regaled one of the Mentors with her dramatic tale (I couldn't hear the details...too far back).

I woke up laughing. Sometimes my dreams are way too realistic! :)


Susie Bibb said…
Wait...didn't that just happen yesterday?