Free Book Drawing: Jesus: Dead or Alive?

Got teens? Know any in your youth group, or down the street? Josh McDowell and his son Sean have written a book for them about the Resurrection of Jesus. Designed for teen readers, Jesus: Dead or Alive? presents evidence and evaluates the meaning of the Resurrection in teenagers' lives.

In my crosswalk article, Josh discussed the teem book with me, stressing that the dialogue format makes it easy and interesting for teens. He also pressed parents to be involved with their children's spiritual lives. More than just teaching them biblical truth, parents must establish a deep relationship with their kids first. "Truth without relationships leads to rejection," Josh told me. "If parents don't have close, loving, intimate relationships with their child, the child will often reject what the parent shares. Share with them. Don’t preach at them."

To qualify for my drawing for a free copy of Jesus: Dead or Alive?, just leave a comment here about what the Resurrection means to you. Is Easter your favorite holiday? Do you wish it meant more? How does your church celebrate it? Does it have any significance beyond family dinner? I'd love to hear from you.

I'll pick the winner on Easter Sunday.