Happy Birthday, Jack!

My middle child, born with a gleam in his eye, a joie de vivre, can I even call it 'mischief'? Naming him after his father, both of them second sons, proved amazingly appropriate according to his grandmother. A chip off the old block in more than appearance.

He's a vision of extremes. The most adventurous, fearless, energetic and daring of his siblings, voted most likely to break a bone first. Yet he alone still finds me each morning to cuddle in my lap, with lots of sugar and nuzzles. I treasure those moments more each day as I see Kindergarten looming.

Where there is Jack, there is Lovey. Jack still carries his beloved lamb around like a best friend. Lovey has been victimized several times by Jack's exuberance. He's lost one ear, his head sewn up with red stitches as a reminder of what slinging Lovey around like cowboy roping a calf can do to a poor stuffed lamb. His neck sports blue stitches, an emergency surgery to put him back together. Lovey is well loved. Jack recently announced that he would be bringing Lovey to Kindergarten with him, and that he would put him in the cubby so his classmates wouldn't hurt him. But he could bring him out at naptime....Hmmm, that's up for discussion.

So happy fifth birthday to our dear Jack, who keeps us laughing, smiling, and shaking our heads. With you, son, our days are full and the future bright.


Erin said…
Happy Birthday to Jack and Lovey. I know they go together always. :)
Happy Birthday Jack! Your comments remind me of our middle child. He wasn't the first to break his arm, but he sure did it with more umph!