The Anticipation Continues

The passing of Christmas often brings about a mild down-turn in people's pyches. That anticipation of what might happen, the excitement of what does happen...all that is over and now we're back to school, back to work, back to routine. Fortunately, I happen to have been born in late January.

I do not experience the post-Christmas blues, for my birthday looms in the not-too-distant (but not too close, either) -future. My anticipation continues.

Usually, the anticipation proves more thrilling than the actual outcome. But I've never really cared. Just knowing my big day is at the end of the month makes January my favorite time of year. It redeems winter for me. Silly, I know.

This year my hopes are a little higher than usual, for I anticipate a unique birthday present: a copy of my newest book, Leading Women Who Wound. It's being released February first, from Moody Publishers, and usually authors get their copies a tad early. In this case, just in time for my birthday.

Celebrate with me by checking it out and possibly ordering your own copy of Leading Women Who Wound.