Logos Software Turns a Page

If you enjoy studying your Bible, but don't have the expensive software or seminary training, consider a new resource: Bible Study Magazine.

Produced by Logos, a Bible study software company, Bible Study Magazine will enhance your study of God’s word in a variety of ways, suggesting methods of Bible study and offering tips on Bible study tools. It includes advice and encouragement from pastors, teachers and scholars on Bible study. Interesting and challenging content about the Bible and the ancient biblical world will take your study to a completely new level.

In thier first issue, they explore how apologist Josh McDowell defends the Bible; how the Great Isaiah Scroll (one of the Dead Sea Scrolls) provides insight into how we got the Bible; how to choose a Bible translation; and the beginnings of an ongoing study of Hebrews (continued in future issues). Precepts teacher Kay Arthur is featured in the upcoming Jan/Feb 2009 issue.

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The first issue was released this month, and currently they are running a 50% sale for annual subscriptions. Click the panel above to investigate further.

I love the software, but many of its vast resources I have yet to open and read through. I prefer flipping pages, however, so I'm thinking about subscribing to the magazine for the sheer convenience and the current events and interviews included.