Holiday Cheer

Two nights ago our oldest son spent the night with his grandparents. He'd had Friday off school so we took advantage of the extra time and he ended up with a full day plus some, gaining an early Christmas present along the way. Grandpa presented him with a new BB gun! They also created a huge slingshot, and Nate collected ammo from their yard by raking a bucketful of acorns. He brought all of his loot home late yesterday.

While he was gone Friday, John and I took the two little ones on a holiday lights tour. Maggie was full of "ooohs" and "aaahs," though Jack was less enthused. Not upset, just not excited. We changed his attitude with a stop at Ben & Jerry's where we all enjoyed some cold yummy stuff. Next stop: Yankee Candle Store, where we must have opened and smelled every flavor available. The kids charmed the bored clerk there, too. Next stop: Kirkland's; then Starbucks; then a few more lights on the way home.

I spent Saturday morning with Sandi, accompanying her to a Christmas Tea at Gainesville Bible Church, during which she spoke on "What God Really Wants for Christmas." Her book table was a rousing success--she shoulda brought more of her Coffee Cup Bible Studies! We had a great visit driving an hour each way together. Not often we get that sort of girl-time without my kids interrupting!

I spent the afternoon at a candy-making party with some of my MOPS girlfriends. Fun, fun! We candy coated anything we could think of: pretzels, pecans, cake balls, cherries, hershey kisses... Favorite recipe: peppermint bark. Crush a bagful of peppermints into fragments/powder, spread onto a cookie sheet and pour almond bark over it, then freeze. Wow...

Cutest creation: tiny chocolate mice --coat a cherry with chocolate, press onto the flat side of a hershey kiss. Attach thin almond slices to the crease between the cherry and kiss (ears), and two tiny circle-shaped candies for eyes (your choice of candy). Adorable looking, and great treats for those who like cherries.

This morning we made it to church on time and visited a new SS class. The teacher told us to turn to Jeremiah 3. He proceeded to review, briefly, where they'd stopped last time, then worked his way verse-by-verse through the chapter. I was shocked. Expositional teaching. Inside I started the happy dance. I've been missing this sort of teaching since we left our old church. Our pastor here is great, but he doesn't teach expositionally, and I've felt the difference. This morning was a breath of fresh air. We may have found our new SS class!

After church, home for lunch. Kids out to play, Dad off to visit a sick teacher-friend, Mommy planted in front of the Cowboys-Steelers game. Still there :)