Two Degrees to the First USO in Iraq
I saw the coolest news story this morning. Linda Robinson, a local woman whose son served in Iraq a few years ago, just returned from a year's service in Iraq. She spent the year using her creative and organizational skills to start up the first USO center in the war zone. Read about it here.

Why do I say "two degrees"? In the spirit of "six degrees to Kevin Bacon," I'm just two degrees from this USO. Linda happens to be one of my coauthors who helped write Women's Retreats: A Creative Planning Guide. I have not seen her in a few years and had no idea of this USO project until I saw the news clip. Way cool!

Speaking of the military, I have to give a public shout out to Captain Brian Anderson and his bride of 9 years, my dear friend Erin. Brian returned last week after serving a six-month tour in Afghanistan. I took my kids to join Erin and her family as we welcomed him home at Love Field in Dallas. I've seen news stories of these airport reunions, but nothing compares to watching it in person. Especially when they are your own friends, and you've watched them struggle day by day to keep faith, stay strong, endure with a smile, and teach their kids about faithfulness through their own example. Erin is as much a hero to me as Brian is. Thank you both!