It's All in Who You Know

I've been leading a group of women at FBC McKinney through a study of Colossians this semester. We are using my friend Sandi's book Cappuccino With Colossians as our guide. Halfway through now, the women have expressed excitement over how this study has challenged them to dig deep, to consider context and history and word connotations while they work through the passage.

Yesterday, Sandi drove an hour from her home to McKinney in order to visit this class and serve as guest teacher. The women were delighted to meet THE AUTHOR (it's all in who you know, right?). They were even more impressed to hear her teach on "The Other 'S' Word" -- submission. It really was the topic we were covering in our lesson, so she tackled it courageously and eloquently. (I particularly enjoyed her stick figure drawings on the white board--a head and body, a bodyless head, headless body, head plus an org chart... :) You had to be there...)

More than introducing my friend Sandi to my new friends at FBC, I enjoyed watching the group engage, ask questions, check their notes, furrow their brows, scribble in their study book, smile and say "Ah-ha!" They were really getting into it. I had forgotten the excitement generated when women go deep with their Bibles. When they dig, question, discover, and apply truths they'd previously never known existed in a given text.

It gives me ideas for next week...


Erin said…
Wish I was there.
Kelley said…
Me too!
San said…
Me, three.
Oh. Wait. I WAS THERE!
I wish YOU had been there, Erin! Kelley, your women were awesome. I love teaming with you. Just like old times. :)