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So many books, so little time. So little idea if said books are worth your time. What to do?

Meet my colleagues Chris and Heather Goodman, who--people after my own heart--buy more books than they have time to read. Chris has a heart to connect Christians with culture, specifically through the Internet. He spends much of his time exploring the future of the Internet and missions with Heather, a graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary, is a writer and speaker on the intersection of Christianity, culture and the arts.

Together, they've started Solomon Summaries, a unique subscription summary service that provides subscribers with a 10-page summary of a non-fiction book, a review of the book, and group discussion questions every week. That's 52 books each year.

These summaries are not intended to replace the content of the entire book but rather to provide a synopsis of the key points from the book. (Kind of like the old Cliff's Notes!) Solomon Summaries encourages dialogue, helps readers decide which books to buy and read, and tickles minds with new ideas and concepts that might warrant further exploration by the reader. Pastors and church leaders wanting to keep up with what their congregatioms are reading would find this service especially helpful.

You can read one of their summaries right now on the site to get a feel for what it's all about. All interested readers can enjoy a free subscription trial until December 1. They will send you a weekly email notice when each new book summary is available. Then when it's most convenient for you, you can login and read the summary, download and print it, or download the audio version to your iPod (coming soon). Plus, you are eligible for a one-year subscription at $100, a 15% discount from the established price.

If you decide to subscribe, be sure to mention my blog as your referring source!

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heather said…
Thanks for the shout out!
Chris told me your suggestion to summarize The Blue Parakeet. Funny--I just heard of the book on Friday, but hadn't flipped through it. Based on your suggestion, I added it to the list. It'll come out mid-January. Thanks!