Alternative Perspective on October 31

Halloween is rapidly approaching. My kids have only just decided who or what they will be dressing up to imitate...I actually like their ideas this year. Wordgirl--well, let's just say we've enjoyed gales of laughter over watching Maggie run through the house with her fist in the air, crowing "Word up!" So it will be great fun to see her "in uniform" finally. The boys have decided to be a pirate (again) and a woodsman (think Daniel Boone). Works for me.

I admit that Halloween is my least favorite holiday of the year. It's not even a holiday! And what are we celebrating? Ghosts of the saints (Nov 1 is the feast of All Saints)? I do know that many people around the world use this occasion to venerate evil, participate in abhorrent practices, and generally celebrate Satan. I'm thankful that, several centuries ago, an obscure monk endowed October 31 with a greater significance that we Christians can embrace.

Martin Luther.
95 Theses.
Reformation Day...

I wrote about Reformation Day in a new article. In it, I encourage believers to focus on how the events of that day in 1517 sparked a reformation of faith, faith alone (sola fide) being our requirement for righteousness. Sometimes a little history can open up the future...

Take a look!


Shannon said…
Here, here, Kelley! This Halloween helped us determine that we're not going to do it again, at least not the way we've been doing it. Too scary! Our 3 & 5 year old don't need to be exposed to impaled skulls & people screaming at them from random places trying to scare them... I know we need to do something in it's place, but haven't figured out what yet. Costume party with a reformation theme?? ;o)