Tapestry: A New Blog for Christian Women

This week, a new collaborative blog launches through the ministry of bible.org, this one devoted to women who love Jesus and serve Him in some capacity. Readers will be drawn by the bloggers' passion, experience, and honest discussion about relevant issues facing women in the church today.

From the "about us" profile: "Tapestry features leading Christian writers and thinkers who have come together to engage culture about the person and work of Jesus Christ."

I'm not sure that's completely accurate, especially the "leading Christian writers and thinkers," since I am one of the blogging team. You can take my submissions as you like, but I will vouch for the excellence of the others. Women like Sandi, my coauthor Sue Edwards, wordsmith/art theologian Heather, ministry leaders Gwynne and Dianne. Some of the women on the team are not personally known to me, but I have no doubts about their love for God, their passion for women to know and serve Him better.

If you are a woman leading a women's ministry, studying theology, joyfully volunteering in church life, working with men in ministry...if you are in any way involved in serving the Lord, bookmark this blog. Each weekday in two-week cycles, various authors and theologians will post their thoughts, inviting comments and conversation. Some will teach, some will muse, others will provoke. You will think, question, rejoice, converse...we can't wait to get started.

Join the conversation. Check Tapestry each weekday starting August 4. Add us to your RSS feed or bookmark the site. You'll want to come back often.