Proven Way Hosting Mixed Ministry Seminary

Tomorrow night, Tuesday August 12, Sue Edwards--my coauthor--is the keynote speaker at "WExchange," the Fall Kickoff for Proven Way. This organization comes alongside women in ministry leadership:

ProvenWay equips women to use their gifts to serve God more effectively. We will assist you as you begin or expand a ministry, plan more meaningful events, build community among volunteers, and embrace your true potential as a leader.

Our book, Mixed Ministry, will be the highlighted topic of the evening, and our coauthor Henry Rogers and I will be joining Sue for a panel discussion after her presentation. Please pray for a frank and fruitful discussion between the participants and panelists. We are looking forward to the dialogue on this touchy topic of men and women working together in the church in purity and effectiveness.

Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas TX
7-9 pm

I think visitors are welcome, if you are interested. There may be a small entrance fee--I'm not sure.