Anyone Linked In?

A few months ago, I decided to get on the social networking bandwagon by joining LinkedIn. I really had no desire to join the My Space gang, nor the Facebook community. I know that I could get sucked in to ongoing time-wasting online socializing addiction. But I thought it prudent, as a freelance writer and editor, to get in the game somehow and...what?...advertise--is that the word?--my skills, my published books, and freelance business.

So far, I've connected with some DTS classmates and professors, a few old friends, other authors, and the occasional editing client. I have no idea if these connections have resulted in any book sales or increased visibility. I haven't been offered any jobs through it (yet). LinkedIn's stated mission is to assist in that sort of thing:

Through your network you can:
Find potential clients, service providers, subject experts, and partners who come recommended
Be found for business opportunities
Search for great jobs
Discover inside connections that can help you land jobs and close deals
Post and distribute job listings
Find high-quality passive candidates
Get introduced to other professionals through the people you know

Recently my online writer's group discussed the pros and cons of joining this sort of social networking site. Oh, the opinions abounded! One proponent shared how he landed a couple of business deals through his network. Others related stories of their networks helping beef up their book signings across the country. So, yes, some people are seeing tangible benefits. They seem to be rather scarce so far, but maybe over time--as these professional networks grow in popularity--they will reap sales, jobs, and similar long-term benefits.

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear if you've had success with any of the social networking sites, particularly professionally. Job leads? Book sales?

Take a look at my profile and consider joining my network, especially if you are a personal friend, former client or classmate, or someone interested in the topics I've written about.


I love linkedin, it was just added to's top 10 employment site with 2 others.

Complete top 10 list here:
Erin said…
I'm not employed outside the home, but have joined FaceBook and ShoutLife. Through FaceBook I have caught up with several old friends from college and even a few from high school. No job offers. ;)

Through ShoutLife, I've mostly just gotten friendship requests from people/businesses/writers/musicians that I do not know. I think people are trying to network with ShoutLife, but the format makes it a little hard. I haven't seen anywhere on there where you can easily post a resume or access someone else's. Still, people are trying.