On Deck: The Godseys and Mathewses
All Ten of Us

We had a fantastic visit with the Godseys, spending the majority of our time at the cabin in the woods, on their family property of 500 acres. Nate said that his favorite part of the week was hanging out in the tree fort and wooded "hide-out" with the boys, plus all the swimming. Jack and Maggie echoed the swimming...their favorite activity hands down. Both of them improved drastically this week, first swimming with two or more floaties/ski belts, then going down to just the ski belt. Both are more confident in the water--very fun to watch their progress.

John's favorite activity: walking in the woods one afternoon, plus not having an agenda regarding anything. He also enjoyed helping Donny build the deck. My favorite thing was checking the immense garden almost daily for fresh fruit and vegies. I did get stung by a yellow jacket on our second day there, picking the wrong plum...so I moved to the blueberry and blackberry bushes. By the end of the week, tomatoes and cucumbers were ripening. I am seriously thinking about starting a box garden in my yard later this year. Teske, I'll be asking lots of questions! The whole idea of eating fresh from the garden, for FREE, is very appealing. I started my tomato plants last month with that in mind (I hope they're still alive).

We are all several shades browner than when we arrived, but Nate beats us all. He's positively Mediterranean; must be that Italian blood.

Nothing better than time spent with good friends.