Happy Birthday...

For reasons unknown to all but her, my two-year-old daughter has been singing the "happy birthday song" to her daddy for a month. Won't she be excited to know when she wakes up Monday morning that she can finally celebrate this long-anticipated special day??

I can hear it now... "Iss daddy happy birthday??" (pitch rising with each word, ending with a screech) And she will sing to him all day long... :)

We just spent a few days visiting my mother, brothers, and grandma-in-law in Baton Rouge. Enjoyed seeing one brother's new house and playing golf with the other. The kids like to beat Grandma at Uno. We were treated to an old-fashioned gully-washer of a summer storm one afternoon. The thunder and lightening were simultaneous, and we were pretty sure a few lightning strikes hit nearby. Maggie awoke from her nap in terror, coming to find us in tears, and the dog barked back at every thunderbolt. But the lights (and A/C) never went out! We felt we came out of that storm pretty well.

And the highlight of the visit: Mike the Tiger. I took these pics during our visit to his habitat on the LSU campus. He put on quite a show for us.

More vacation updates to come...