A Noble Calling

I enjoy a good play on words. They are fun, sometimes humorous, usually memorable. My name doesn't have it, unfortunately. Kelley.... um, Mathews.... nope, nothing catchy about that. But my friend Amy Nobles has one of those cool names.

Her music ministry is titled--get this--Noble Ministries. Ha! What a great play on words. I bet she's heard variations on being the P31 woman, you know, that woman in Proverbs we all love to hate, "a wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies..." (31:10). But with a name like that she's reminded daily of what God has called her to be... like Him. I could use a stamp like that to keep my perspective on target, too.

I met Amy on the ministry trip to Lancaster, PA, last month. She was our music worship leader, singing her heart out to God, sharing her insights from the Word, and pulling it all together to help us worship deeply. In the process, I fell in love with her music. It really did move me to worship. I even raised my hands during certain songs...not my usual style :).

See that music widget down on the right sidebar? That's a link to Amy's album "On That Day." Click on it and you'll hear 30-second clips of the songs on that album. Many of these she sang with us on the trip, but since listening to her CD in my car these last few weeks--daily--I've come to love them all. My kids sing along on some of them as well.
(Don't mind the picture of Amy with the straw in her mouth--it was taken during a silly game on the retreat. It's "personality" shot.)

Amy is just a girl from Fort Worth who knew she had a gift from God in her voice and musical talents, chose to serve Him with those gifts, and was encouraged by others to make it her life work. Her heart is with missions--taking God's love to parts of the world that don't get to hear about Him so often. She's a music minister at a small church that encourages and supports her mission habit :). Part of that habit includes serving each SPARK trip as worship leader, so she'll be in Reno next month with Molly and the gang.

Amy didn't ask me for this plug. I just wanted to share what has blessed me so much. See for yourself when you visit her site here.