Winter Wonderland

When last I posted, my area of the metroplex (Dallas/Ft.Worth) was getting some solid snowfall. This phenomenon is a rarity--we average less than one snow day per year, and only 2 out of every 5 Marches does it fall here--so we generally acted like goofs and took pictures of almost anything with snow on it. We ended up with six inches! That's quite a lot for us.

The kids spent hours outside, and inside, and out and in, out and in...they could only stand so much hand freezing at once. But once their little paws defrosted, out they went again! I had my fun as well (see the message spelled out on the car).

And fun as all that was, it melted quickly. Here today, gone today.

But two days later, the impossible happened. It snowed again! Forecasters promised that the entire area would get up to 4 inches this time, including the previously left out eastern suburbs (where my family and friends mostly reside). Uh, not so much. Their hopes of pretty white stuff were washed away in the cold, bitter rain that fell all day. I hear it never changed over to anything frozen.

But my dad, in Denton (west of me), got about seven inches! We ended up with another 3 inches, still plenty to play in and admire across the neighborhood. It's nice to see the world from a new perspective.


Debbie said…
I ran across your blog and wanted to say "hi". I'm in Fort Worth and while we didn't have any accumulation from either of this week's snow, I did get to enjoy some big wet flakes falling from the sky. Ground was just too warm and WET (after the hours of pouring rain we had before the snow hit)

I've enjoyed what I've caught of your blogs this evening. Might have to stop by frequently.