Seeking Bible Study Materials

My mission trip to the women's shelter near Lancaster, PA, is fast approaching. We are currently gathering gift material, donated girly stuff like lotions, bath gels, makeup, etc., plus--get this--zebra-themed items at random. Pencils, sunglasses, get the idea. So if any of you readers has a source for things like this, let me know!

More importantly, and more difficult to find, for these women are some study books their director has indicated are important for them. It is a faith-based program, so bible study is part of their curriculum. If any of you can help point me towards any of the following items, post a comment ASAP. Think of churches or people who went through these years ago or who might have an extra copy, or your old friend who works for Lifeway Publishers...that sort of thing. Thanks!

Experiencing God – by Henry Blackaway – DVD series, 18 workbooks
Big Girls Don’t Whine by Jan Silvious: 18 paperbacks
Captivating by John Elderidge, DVD study with 18 workbooks.
Beth Moore studies, with 18 workbooks:
  • The Patriarchs in DVD form,
  • Living Beyond Yourself – DVD series